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One of our top photographers, Maggie Colvin (pictured above), has taken maternity leave. As a photographer, I couldn't help but force a photo session both soon before delivery and soon after. She is a veteran both in the studio and in the field, having posted quite a portfolio thus far during her time with us. 

Maggie is looking forward to returning to work as soon as things are stable enough for her to be able to concentrate on the work at hand. Right now, however, she is totally occupied with the care and feeding of her new son, Aaron. Aaron hasn't commented yet on the new family situation, but did express a bit of hunger after posting some great poses for my camera.

This is what he does more than anything else. Second favorite activity is meal time. 

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Childish Perspective https://www.txlegacyphoto.com/blog/2016/7/childish-perspective The photos here are my way of trying to put into perspective the biggest problem most people have in taking pictures of children, especially the smallest of them. I've used the timer on my camera to get a kid's eye view of what we look like to them. My beautiful little grand daughter modeled for me to show the opposite perspective. Once they're mobile, we tend to follow our kids around on foot with a camera. What we get are photos of the tops of their heads with the floor or ground as the background. The best way to get a decent picture of these little ones is to get down on their level and let the action begin. It makes for better pictures and I think the kids tend to enjoy it more. As an aside, it is also a boost in communication to get down with them if you want to talk to them or play with them. It makes the experience a little more personable. In both cases, why not try it? I think you'll like it.

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Meet the Photographers - Edition One https://www.txlegacyphoto.com/blog/2016/3/meet-the-photographers---edition-one Ed Whitt with his life-long assistant, Debbie

Ed Whitt

Owner-Operator, Texas Legacy Photography, Bryan, Texas

I've been taking pictures for many years and have always enjoyed it.  I entered my first photo contest in 1984 and netted several awards. The was in Alaska, where photography in all its forms is taken very seriously. People come from all over the world to photograph the natural wonders and unique people of the state. 

In recent years, I've made the paradigm shift from film photography to digital, and jumped from the darkroom to Lightroom, Photoshop, Aurora, Photomatrix, and other digital darkroom replacements. Just as well. My night vision isn't what it used to be and I don't miss the smell of silver nitrate and the stop bath emulsions. I am amazed at what digital photography allows a photographer to do. There are many post-production techniques available today for the digital photographer that were used only by the most sophisticated film photographers of the last century. One thing all this computerized enhancement can't do, however, is make a poor photo great. That is all up to the photographer. You have to get it right in the camera. From that point, though, you can do all sorts of spiffy things with the photograph to emphasize what it is about the picture that caused you to take it.  That's what makes photography more art than science. We use the science of photography as a tool to portray the art that makes up its foundation.

Just as in my previous occupations, I am continually learning and trying to improve what I do in a constant pursuit of excellence. With that in mind, I am always open to constructive criticism. I hope you can take the time to look over the samples of my work on our website and that you will enjoy what you see.

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